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The Book of Tea

Stella, Alain + Brochard, Gilles + Beautheac, Nadine + Donzel, Catherine + Walter, Marc
The Book of Tea

Tea is a beverage with roots all over the globe, from English tearooms to the mountains of Tibet. This exquisitely illustrated volume leads readers on an investigation of the many faces of tea: a mythic plant, a ceremony, the cause of wars (remember the Boston Tea Party), and ultimately one of the world's favorite beverages. The Book of Tea provides a comprehensive history and background of the beloved ritual of tea, providing photographed accounts of tea farming, tea barons and, teatime, and capturing the various tastes and nuances of teas from around the world.
This book, based on the original Flammarion title The Book of Tea, is now edited and brought up to date.
This book acts as both a guide to the appreciation of tea and a travel guide to the regions responsible for the production of tea, including Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. Anyone who loves tea will be delighted by the chance to delve into the magnificent photography and descriptive writing of The Book of Tea.

2005, Verlag Thames & Hudson

EUR 28,95 inkl. MwSt.


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